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About Manifesting Me

Manifesting Me is your first step towards discovering your unlimited potential. Our seminars will awaken you to the power that is already within you. You will learn that it is a power you can control and use to manifest and create a life you are passionate about. We invite you to enjoy inspiring lectures, open discussions, and a warm environment that cultivates healing and personal growth. We provide you with step by step instructions and tools to use in your daily life.

Manifesting Me makes the search inside yourself not seem daunting but rather like the adventure of a lifetime.

About Maria Baird

MMe - Hall of Fame - 2010 11Maria Baird’s path to becoming an inspirational leader began over 30 years ago when she was introduced to Suh Do Kwan/Chang Moo Kwan martial arts. Dedicated training, combined with studies of eastern healing arts, philosophy, meditation, and manifestation techniques, has been a rich personal inspiration to her life.

Maria (2010 Master’s Hall of Fame) and her husband own several martial arts schools. She is an eighth degree black belt, earning her the title of Grandmaster and is the highest ranking female in her style. She has been a dynamic motivator to diverse groups such as rehabilitation centers, medical facilities, churches, banks, and fitness organizations. She is also a former co-host of a radio show in the Los Angeles area.

Her mission is to awaken others to the importance of following life dreams, and to inspire them to have the confidence to do so. She teaches about powerful, untapped inner strengths that are crucial to the success of discovering one’s true self — the empowered self that will not only dream a dream but also successfully pursue it.

Maria has a flair for an accessible, natural presentation that is also delightful and engaging. She leaves no life untouched by her uplifting spirit.